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Debunking Common Myths About Landscaping

Your landscape speaks volumes about your home. It introduces the personality and appeal of a home and gives a good or bad first impression as people come to your home or walk/drive past it. It also sets the tone for your home’s style and décor. So what do you know about your landscaping?

Myth: Trees are Only for Looks

No one can say that trees are not beautiful, especially during fall when the leaves are changing colors. Trees can be a stunning feature of any garden. However, they aren’t just for aesthetic purposes. Trees provide a cooling effect that is similar to 10-room air conditioners working 20 hours a day. They can also provide shade and cool down a space. Planting them strategically around your house provides a cooling effect and will help you save on cooling costs.

Myth: Shorter Grass Equals Easier Maintenance

This one may shock you. Shorter grass seems straightforward to maintain, however, that is not always the case. When grass is cut short, it actually grows faster. Often, a little trim is a better way to mow a lawn so you can tend to it less often without it looking out of control.

Myth: Nighttime Is the Best Time to Water Your Lawn

Some homeowners believe that the best time to water their lawns is in the evening, as this prevents water moisture from evaporating in the hot sun. This is, in fact, false. Morning is the best time to water a garden, as nighttime watering increases the chance of mold and mildew growing. No one wants that. Fungi can result in disease and other unpleasant issues. Water in the morning and your garden will soak in the moisture it needs and allow it to dry out during the day.

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